Our call connection service costs £3.60 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

This website and telephone connection service number is operated by Salvatet Inversiones SL and it is not affiliated with, or operated by, Axa. A direct number may be available on the Axa´s website for free by clicking here. Callers must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. .

How to Contact Axa

When calling Axa number, you will speak directly to a representative that will connect you with the right department of Axa.

The Axa team has been trained to offer you with the best quality call and experience in order to connect you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Depending on the enquiry, Axa's team will connect your call directly to the specific department's phone number to get all your questions and enquiries sorted

You can call Axa's helpline telephone number if you require any kind of support by using our telephone connection service.

If you have any question, complaint or you need a refund or any kind of support; you can call Axa using the contact number displayed, and the customer care team will be able to assist you over the phone. The telephone connection service is available 365 days a year.

Telephone Connection Service

We try to offer the most extensive and up to date contact information to help customers contact companies in "a smarter way" without wasting too much time looking for the correct telephone number. You can call Axa if you require any kind of support, and a representative will assist you over the phone to help you connect with the right department to get your enquiry sorted. We offer a call connection service to contact AXA. You can use our call connection service to contact AXA and you can also record the call through our call connection service. However if you do not wish to use this premium rate connection service, we recommend you calling using the following direct number for free: 03300241158. Please find below the different phone numbers we can connect you with, depending on the issue you would like to resolve.

Axa number
Axa telephone number
Axa phone number
Axa contact number
Axa Customer Care
Axa contact phone number
Axa claims
Contact Axa
Call Axa
Axa complains
Axa helpline
Axa helpline number
Axa helpline phone number
Axa support
Axa support number
Axa support contact number

Call recording service

If you would like to have your call recording sent to you, please contact us by sending us the number and the company you dialed, along with the date and an approximate time of the call. We can then email you the call recording file. Thank you.

Telephone Connection Service Information

This website and telephone connection service number is operated by Salvatet Inversiones SL and is not affiliated with, or operated by, AXA Insurance. A direct number may be available on the AXA´s website for free by clicking here. Callers must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission.

AXA Insurance emergency contact phone number

Contact AXA Emergency

Vehicle issues we fix. Include:
Flat batteries, Flat or damaged tyres, Lost or damaged keys, Gearbox or clutch issues, Misfuelling or fuel issues
Vehicle engine overheating
If you simply can't get your vehicle going and you're not sure what the exact problem is — we're here to keep your show on the road.

Contact to AXA Car Insurance 

At the AXA we’re committed to finding our customers a great deal on their car insurance - you know you're buying great quality cover from a name you can trust and we find customers our most competitive quote from our panel of selected insurers.

Our AXA Car Insurance Plus has been awarded the top 5 star rating from Defaqto and is our highest level car insurance cover. However, you won't find it on price comparison sites - you can only buy directly from us. This helps us to lower costs all round and still offer our customers a rich, comprehensive level of cover.

We also have a range of other car insurance policies, so customers can build their own policy specifically for their needs. Families may be interested in our AXA Multicar Insurance, while new drivers may save money with a Black Box Insurance policy. When you buy AXA Car Insurance, you can add optional extras including Breakdown Cover, Motor Legal Protection and No Claims Discount Protection.

Getting a quote for AXA Car Insurance takes just a few minutes online.

Contact to AXA Home Insurance 

Home is where you should feel safe and secure - and here at the AXA we want to keep it that way. AXA Home Insurance provides peace of mind by protecting your home against damage.

Contact to AXA Life Insurance 

Contact to get all the information about your life insurance

Contact to AXA Motorbike Insurance 

From mopeds to supersport bikes, you can trust your pride and joy with the motoring experts. Product options include our standard Bike Insurance and our enhanced Bike Insurance Plus, as well as a suite of Optional Extras to ensure you get the cover that’s right for you. Members are automatically upgraded to Bike Insurance Plus for free! Contact AXA!

Contact to AXA Van Insurance 

If you are self-employed or run your own small business, then your van can be a major part of your livelihood. Whether it’s for delivering goods or for carrying the tools of your trade, an accident or theft doesn't come cheap and can result in huge consequences for the business and your customers. Contact AXA!

Contact to AXA Travel Insurance 

Contact AXA to get your travel Insurance.  travel insurance should be high on the list of important items to take with you, along with your passport and spending money. 

About AXA

AXA is a French multinational insurance company that engages in global insurance, investment management, and other financial services.

AXA is present in geographically diverse markets, with operations concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. AXA is a conglomerate of independently run businesses, operated according to the laws and regulations of many different countries.

AXA Breakdown

The AXA Insurance breakdown free number is 0800 197 1121. Dial this number, and a customer care representative will attend to you. Questions related to your car and the type of emergency could be asked. It is important you have all necessary information ready to ensure ultimate customer service experience.